"Violence is part and parcel to the construction and the maintenance of these socially constructed gender roles. And it is endemic to the nature of squeezing people into either just this or just that. Because it’s not our human nature to be just this or just that and so violence is a weapon that gets us back into the flower or back into the box."
— Dr. Heather W. Hackman, video: “Using ‘Act Like a Man/Act Like a Lady” in which the “flower” holds some of the socially constructed ideas of femininity and the “box” holds some of the socially constructed ideas of masculinity. 

And now for a Magnetic Fields palate cleanser. 

I just started playing candy crush (I know I’m late) and the two songs on repeat in my head are The Sweet Escape by No Doubt and Bootylicious. If you play this game that will make sense.

I actually hate Gwen Stefani and have always hated No Doubt even way back in the day when I was a ska fan. Also I will probably get tired of this game and delete it off my phone in a few days. I’m just burning off steam because I finally have a couple of mindless minutes after being really busy for the past few months.

"Subsidies to farmers do not require income tests, for example, but students must prove that they are needy and without resources."
-Anne Schneider and Helen Ingram, “Social construction of target populations: Implications for politics and policy”

My Christian, Oklahoma-living, somewhat lefty, bible-thumping, Sooner fan, 60-something family friend just quoted Henry Rollins on FB. I doubt she knows who he is but I’m tickled. It’s a quote about wishing the world has as many libraries as Starbucks. She’s a librarian. 

It’s already passed! We got an evacuation notice, but like 20 minutes later it was lifted. Now it’s bright and sunny out. Still, N got the day off and I got the cooking bug so I made soup last night and now I’m making pumpkin pie. Fall survivalist!

Against my better judgement, I went to an Oktoberfest for a friend’s birthday on Saturday. While there:

Some dude, without prelude, staring at me: Are you from Iran?
Some girl, without prelude, also didn’t ask my name: So you’re an English teacher?
And same girl, a moment later, to the guy next to me, without prelude: What country are you from?
Another girl, a little while later, after 30 seconds of conversation: 何人?

I can see it coming even before they open their mouths: random person who I’ve never met or spoken to, but is somehow in my conversational orbit, looks at me, head tilt, then almost without fail, this kind of question. 

I know these questions seem innocent, and if they only happened a very once in awhile, I don’t think it would bother me. But it’s fucking exhausting to get the same questions, repeatedly, with almost no variation. 

Right now my snappy comebacks are limited to answering questions like “where are you from” with (name of my neighborhood in Tokyo). But if you have some other great snappy comebacks, I need to add to my arsenal in order to thicken my protective shell. These questions honestly make me feel exhausted, and after the third one or so in a night, attacked. 

I have storm doors but I barely ever close them. But 18 looks like it’s a whopper and N’s school has already been canceled for the morning. So we are closing the storm doors! Safe and snug in the house and I made soup.

"It is in the area of wealth and asset accumulation that the legacy of racial discrimination has left its most profound mark. While black and Latino incomes have begun to catch up to white earnings, black and Latino wealth continues to lag dramatically behind that of white households. Since wealth accumulates over generations, discrimination has taken its toll on wealth accumulation for people of color.”

                   -Chuck Collins, Felice Yeskel, with United for a Fair Economy and Class Action, “The Dangerous Consequences of Growing Inequality”, Readings for Diversity and Social Justice

meikoandgabby said: Where in the us were you?

Portland! And at the very least, I have to eat brunch and Ethiopian food whenever I go home.