1. voyagebound said: Ugh Jesus Christ.
  2. sabotengirl said: I WANT TO PUNCH HER DUMB FACE! she’s probably not, that’s why she’s insisting so much.

Yeah, and she kept using it even after another staff person (there are several mixies on staff) made a joke after her introduction about being a “mudblood.” AND one of the guys is 1/4 Japanese, his dad is a hafu who was an orphan in Japan in the 50s. Because not that long ago (and sometimes still), mixed race kids were so shameful that they got stuck in orphanages. Some huge stigma there about being mixed blood. And even after he was talking extensively about his dad and his motivation for coming here to work with orphans, she STILL keeps using the word “pure.” Dumb as a doornail? 

@sabotengirl, I think you’re kinda right… she is “pure” Japanese, but has never lived in Japan. Grew up in SE Asia in int’l schools and stuff. 


Just met one of the staff members of my summer job, and after asking me where I was from, she went on to explain to me that she is “pure” Japanese (she said in E). I interjected, “as opposed to impure?” But she just kind of looked at me blankly.


No explanation needed.

All the yes.

My house is so quiet. The four kittens have all gone to trial homes, and one has been adopted. They are so adorable and sweet and friendly. 

We were lucky to have found them and raised them at two weeks. We hugged them and kissed them and cuddled them every day and as a result we got four extremely cuddly, purr-y, lovely babycats. Most of the buddy cats that we met were not nearly as friendly as they are. It pays to snuggle early and often!

Had a dream that I was talking to a guy and about 45 seconds in he was like… 日本語。。。上手ですね。。。どこの国ですか?

Then after I woke up I couldn’t remember if that really happened or not. 


SHIROMUKU 白無垢 、 IRO-UCHIKAKE / UCHIKAKE 色打掛 and the TSUNOKAKUSHI hood, worn before and during the Shinto wedding ceremony. SHIROMUKU is one of the most prestigious wafuku (traditional clothing) in Japan. SHIROMUKU and the entire ensemble the bride wears with this kimono is white, from her outer robe, uchikake, to the kimono worn beneath the robe, kakeshita, which are created in rich fabric, such as silk or satin, and often includes elaborate embroideries.

I know I wrote about this on my old blog before but, “tsunokakushi” (the white hoodlike one) literally means “hides her horns.”

(Source: 25ans.jp)

We are sometimes kinda bad about keeping track of the bills and paying them before we get the late notice postcard, so my bf made this chart. I think it’s really adorable that he signed it like that, since we are the only two humans living here. 

  1. Camera: Nikon D5000
  2. Aperture: f/4
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 24mm

I think that’s a good thing to be aware of but I don’t necessarily think it’s appropriative to learn a language, as long as you are sensitive and don’t claim that you’re really Navajo (or whatever) in your soul or something. Why not reach out to the professor of one of those courses and ask what they think? They’ve probably thought about it more than you have since it’s their profession.

In the alphabet textbook put together by the eikaiwa where I subbed this week. Clearly a classy operation.

In the alphabet textbook put together by the eikaiwa where I subbed this week. Clearly a classy operation.

Thanks pattyfingersintheholywater. I’ve only been following you for a short time but you seem smart, a great writer, with awesome taste in music.

-Excluding the languages you’ve studied already, what languages would you like to be fluent in?

So many. I study Japanese and Spanish but would love to learn various sign languages and also languages that people are struggling to preserve, like Chamorro or Okinawan (uchinaaguchi) or Navajo. Too many, not enough time or brain power.

- Name some books that have been life-changing, or incredibly memorable for you.

Authors not books:
Howard Zinn, Arundhati Roy, bell hooks, I dunno so many. I have over 500 books listed on my goodreads and that’s not close to all the books I’ve read. Bookworm here.

- How content are you with your life right now?

Somewhat. I wish I were farther along in having *steady* work that I cared about. I get to do a lot of cool stuff that I love/am proud of, but that’s at the expense of a regular job and pay checks.

- If you weren’t a Muggle, what would your patronus be of, you think?

I’m not a muggle. I do geocaching and we consider everyone who doesn’t to be a muggle.

- Are you a homeowner? Is owning a home a dream you have?

No I’m not. Right now though I am living in my grandparents’ old house which belongs to my family, which means I get to escape a lot of bullshit about renting in Japan.

- If you got to name a capitol of a city, what would the name be?

Hopefully related to someone or something that was there first, not a tribute to the colonizers.

- Favorite breed of dog?

Mutt. I think breeding is wrong. Here’s an old, but great article from the NYT about breeders in Japan. Caveat: some of the background info about trends is lazy/bullshitty, but the main info is important. Don’t shop, adopt! http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/28/business/28dogs.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1&

- What are some things you were recognized for growing up? Like, any Principal’s List or what have you

I lettered in cross country in the 9th grade, even though I peed my pants during a race. It was probably a pity letter.

- If you could completely forget a particular memory, any memory, would you?

God I hate my ex and resent dreaming about him, I’d really like to expunge him from my brain space.

- What’s your favorite flower?

Don’t really have one, I guess I like lavender or wisteria. I fucking hate foxglove.

- What was the name of the first pet you’ve ever had? If you’ve never had a pet, do you name inanimate objects?

A dog named Katie, my parents’ first child. They had her five years before they had me. I also named my stuffed animals and later cars.

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