Went to a meeting in Shinjuku with some ad agency big wigs for an interview. There were five people on our side that had to attend this interview. They sent me a meeting place and I carefully followed the directions, was ten minutes early. At the appointed time they called me - where was I? At the meeting place. They were too (the other four); I must have the wrong place. I hustled to where they were. We checked in with the receptionist: we needed to go somewhere else. Actually where I has just been. The only non native speaker in the group had gotten it correct (because I had actually read the directions, and the ad execs had been giving me bitch face for being late). Yeah.

In Sendai. Somebody on this shink smells like a distillery.

I know I bitch sometimes about annoying people I deal with at work, but sometimes I am pretty damn lucky. 

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Tohoku for two days to do some interviews for a couple of business profiles. The first place is a French patisserie in Aomori (the website looks AMAZING) and the second place is a T-shirt screen printing shop in Sendai. It’s like they read my mind and assigned me the perfect assignments for me: cake and screen printing? Could it be any better?

I have a bunch of Tshirts and stuff around the house that I’ve screened. I have played around with profesh screen printing kits, home bathroom setups, and Goccos, and even used to have a little side biz selling Goccos on ebay. One time Aimee Mann (from Til Tuesday) bought a Gocco from me! I <3 screen printing. And of course I <3 cake. 

So yeah, I’m pretty excited. And pretty lucky. 

Just talked to project manager A, she doesn’t seem mad at me anymore. AND I booked the job on the 19th, so win-win. Standing up for yourself is good.

And I felt a little softer toward her. This morning when I woke up I had ten emails from the office about various things, and it was pretty annoying. But then when I just talked to her she said she had 90 emails to answer today and was buried. She always has a lot on her plate. I still hate the way that they don’t respect my time, but in her case I kinda understand. 

winningintokyo replied to your post:calendar

A has no right to be angry. It seems like she thinks the world revolves around her and other people don’t have their own lives to live. Hopefully all this stress with rude people will go away soon!

Yeah… I actually like her, but she leaves me hanging a lot. She also throws me a lot of work, so I don’t wanna piss her off… but I can be sure that she will flake like 50% of the time. I’ve lost work in the past because people were fast and loose with my time. It would be nice to get to a point where I’m not needing to kiss someone’s ass while they’re being inconsiderate to me. 

One of the very frustrating things about doing this freelance thing is that clients don’t respect my time.

I have had two editors ask me my availability for projects this month. One (M) I gave the dates I had open at the time she wrote me. That was a week ago. Another (A) asked me to hold some dates for another project. That was two weeks ago.

Since then, I have texted a few times with A and she has changed the dates, but they’re still not nailed down. Today M finally got back to me asking if I still had 9/18&19 open. I was like, well, I am booked on one of those days (because someone else got to me first about a job). The other one is taken by a “maybe” task for A (but she’s flaked on me about dates lots of times in the past).

So I texted A and asked if we were on for the 19th or what. She said she had to ask the client (you’re just now asking the client? What have you been doing for the past week or so?). So she called them and they said they’d let her know tomorrow. Uh, ok. But I need to let M know if I can take this other job. A says, can’t you wait until tomorrow? I’m like, I cannot keep holding calendar dates open for a maybe. I am going to lose work. I cannot afford to lose work because fools are dragging their feet about getting back to me. 

She’s not happy, but I told her I need to go ahead and book the 19th for something else. She keeps asking me to hold these days open and then is surprised/annoyed when I can’t keep waiting around for an answer. 

I’ve been hearing this song on the radio for months, but just saw the video today. I kinda love it.

I am a huge procrastinator and I am more likely to stay up all night on the day of a deadline than work on something in advance, even if I have lots of lead time. I might tell myself I’m going to work on it, but in all likelihood I’ll do very little while taking copious breaks and naps, until I can’t put it off any longer. Sometimes if I take myself out to coffee, I work better. Or I go and get little snacks or candy. 

Do you have anything that you give yourself to bribe yourself to work, to get a project done? 

I did this voice recording gig the other day. They have all these jobs where they need native English speakers to test out voice recognition technology and whatnot. And usually it’s like an hour long and you get ¥10,000.

So anyway I had to read this speech and it was about emergency information embedding. And it’s going to be used to teach students how to give presentations in English.

So in the speech they talk about 3/11 and how people didn’t get information in time. And then they said that their system was like “a Trojan Horse.” I guess what they meant was that the embedded information was hidden inside some other sound.

And my job was just to read the thing, but I was like, a Trojan Horse? Isn’t that kind of a bad analogy? I mean, the Greeks crawled out of the horse, which was supposed to be a peace offering, and killed the opposing side, right? Not exactly the image you want to give when you’re talking about an emergency system designed to save lives.

I dithered a bit then finally mentioned it to the person in charge at the end, who I think wrote it. And it’s probably already too late.

What would you have done? Said something, or stayed silent? I see these kinds of glaring errors so often when I do these development jobs, and it’s not part of my job to check the English. But the writer/editor in me finds it really hard to let it go! One if the things I always wonder when I see the really bad Engrish, especially in official signage and literature put out by institutions and the government, is didn’t somebody CHECK this? Nobody noticed?

pattyfingersintheholywatersaid: What does it mean?

It’s a term used to refer to locals in a town, often by the middle and upper class tiers of the same town or else interlopers to the town. For example, elite college students might say it about the people born and bred in the town but who are not rich/privileged enough to attend said college (but perhaps work as blue-collar employees at the college or surrounds). Or people who go to fancy ski resort towns to play vs. the locals who work the service jobs in that town. 

It’s often used in a contemptuous, elitist, classist matter. The comment I saw was a girl saying “I had to go and pick up my boyfriend at an awful townie bar,” the implication being where the unscrubbed working classes hung out.