Parliament, Stockholm

  1. Camera: Nikon D5000
  2. Aperture: f/9
  3. Exposure: 1/320th
  4. Focal Length: 22mm

Stockholm cobblestoney

QuestionHey Sel! I hope you're having an amazing Swedish adventure! SO jealous. I have a favour to ask you (asking it here because maybe this will benefit other people too). My vegetarian Irish coworker is going to Tokyo in Golden Week and needs to find good places to eat. Can you jot down a quick list of your favourite veggie friendly establishments? THANK YOU x Answer

Sarah! There are so many. I have written about a bunch on Japan Travel, and Happy Cow has a bunch of listings. Some of my personal faves:

Nagi Shokudo in Shibuya
Deva Deva in Kichijoji
T’s Tan Tan (ramen) in Tokyo station
Chien Fu (Taiwanese veg) in Roppongi
Shamiam (not vegetarian resto but has veg) Israeli resto in Ekoda
Pure Cafe in Omotesando
Brown Rice Cafe in Omotesando
Alaska in Nakameguro

There are a lot more but those are off the top of my head. Good luck to your friend! It’s actually not that hard. 

Heading to Sweden tonight! I’m flying Emirates via Dubai and will see my sister and mom in about 36 hours! Anyone been there? Tips, recommendations? Tack!

My foster kitty Leo has a meet and greet today. I’ve grown very attached to his big clumsy paws and his meows and cuddles. I had almost given up on finding him an adopter but then what seems to be a really good family applied. Going to meet them soon. Hope for the best. 

  1. winningintokyo said: I hope you two can figure it out. :(
  2. kittynapsalot said: Hug! <3

Thanks. We hit communication skids sometimes and part of it is language - especially him not understanding me but failing to say when he doesn’t understand. He then puts it on language - but I reminded him that my Japanese is AT LEAST as good as his English, if not better, so if he doesn’t know how to express himself in E, he can use J and I will most likely understand. (We communicate in mixed J and E, depending on mood and circumstance.)

The real problem (from my point of view) is that he is just not a great communicator in general, and it has nought to do with language (how much it has to do with culture is debatable, but I am loath to blame things on culture as it’s so often an easy excuse). 

An old h.s. friend’s in town who I don’t really want to see. He didn’t give me any notice (hey! I’m in Tokyo now for 1.5 days!) and though I’m not that busy I don’t really feel like dragging my ass downtown to see him. Partially depression, partially just can’t be fucking bothered because I don’t really want to hang out. 

Here’s one I was too scared to publish but is a secret #26: get into an MSW program. I got into one last year but decided not to go, and applied to and got into a different one this year. I start in the fall, I need to figure out funding between now and then. 

1. Visit a new prefecture (I’ve been to 32 now)

2. Finish a crochet project

3. Travel to Saipan

4. Ride the night train across Japan (from Tottori to Yokohama)

5. Cook ten new recipes (4/10 newly: cheesecake, veg polenta casserole)

6. Dress up as a maiko (had to do this for work and never would have otherwise)

7. Travel to Sweden

8. Take the lowest level Spanish proficiency test

9. Attend a non-yoga fitness class

10. Take a friend to volunteer at the soup kitchen

11. Read 50 new books (16/50; I’m reading another Hiaasen novel atm)

12. Take at least an amateur class or photo walk to learn to use my DSLR better

13. Write for a new client/publication

14. Go to 6 shows (concerts; my friend Matt came over on tour! 3/6)

15. Send 12 packages (2/12, sent my gf a long overdue care package)

16. See Takarazuka or similar

17. Meet my (adopted) cousin whom I’ve never met

18. Go camping someplace new

19. Spend a night in a Buddhist temple (got a gift cert for my bday to do this but haven’t booked it yet)

20. Visit my aunt who got cancer and whom I haven’t since before then

21. Make a cat enclosure in the back yard (95% finished!)

22. Figure out why my internet has sucked for four years and get it fixed

23. Find and write about five new restaurants (2/5, making some progress)

24. Shoot and develop some of the many film rolls languishing around the house

25. Pay off a major bill

Those in italics are completed.

I got a piano today! 

My friend MK is moving back to the States and getting rid of everything in her house, and she gave me her electric piano. 

I hope I play it. I took lessons when I was a kid so I know where all the notes are and I can read music but I haven’t played in years. 

Want to start a band?

So frustrated with my bf right now. His uncommunicativeness drives me fucking crazy sometimes.